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Meet Brittany

I guess I have to talk about myself....


This is the hardest part of having a business. This is what the people want! Honestly you need it, who would want to work with a photographer who doesn't put themselves out there! I'm meeting you, in a field, and putting my chunky lens in your face. Of course you want to know me!

Hello!! I am Brittany Erenatau! I am 23 years old and I am a mother to a spunky one year old named Owen. Owen is one of a kind, he loves to play in the kitchen, dance and sing the wheels on the bus! All I have to do is sing "Theeee" and he's already rolling his hands like wheels. :) 


Owen is the light of my life, he wouldn't be here without my husband. My husband's name is Apisalome, try saying that five times fast! His nick-name is Wise, he is from Fiji and also carries a camera as a videographer! We have been married for three years, were hoping to finally go to Fiji this year. I know he misses his home. 

My interests include photography, camping, a plethora of podcasts and being a mom. I can say that I have fallen into the stigma of losing yourself after you become a mom. I'm so glad that you are here, you help bring the spark back. ;)

What to Expect

Owen and I - 12-23-3.jpg
I want you to feel yourself when you are looking back at your gallery. The images are going to be how you keep those feelings fresh! It should scream your relationship.
I don't just want the perfect photo; I want an image of who you are. The best way to achieve that is for me to know who you are. I want to build a relationship with you. Knowing who you are will help me bring your personality into your images!
The day you get married can be the most nerve-wracking day of your life. You need someone to remind you to put yourselves first. I pride myself on building a timeline with my couples to make sure your day is seamless and allows for time to relax and enjoy the day. This of course starts with us booking the correct time length for your day as well.

A good photographer can mean a high price, but I also want you to think that I have high value!

This is what I am all about; I want you to feel your love when you see your images. You deserve... what am I saying! You know what you are looking for. You want your friends and family to say..... "daaaayyuuum! You guys look amazeballs!".

Screenshot 2023-08-24 at 9.07.21 AM.png

About Brittany

My dream vacation spot:

Fiji, where my husband is from. My second choice would be Iceland.

I love:

Watching my son explore the world. He is becoming so smart and he is honestly the cutest. Yes, I'm biased :)

My favorite hobby:

Listening to any Bailey Sarian Podcast! Or listening to my photography podcasts :)

My secret talent:

Rapping all of the words to Look at me know and Only. I can also clap with one hand!

My favorite show:

Grey's Anatomy, You, The Office and Schitt's Creek!

My favorite snack:

Chobani Flip Yogurt!

Thank you,

Brittany at A. R. Photography for capturing these joyful moments of my family. Of course, you’re already family, but you made the experience so fun and comfortable for those of us that are awkward picture-takers.

It wasn’t awkward at all, and we had fun doing it!

We’re so happy with our results, and I highly recommend her for family and wedding photography needs!

We’re so happy with our results, and I highly recommend her for family and wedding photography needs!

- Chrissie W


I'm not just your photographer, I'm your teammate!

Your love is the reason we are meeting, you deserve a partner to create the perfect gallery. A great experience happens when the photographer and client are compatible! I do my best to get to know all of my couples, I want our session to be a collaboration. If that means texting me when creativity strikes, so be it!

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