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Wedding Day Tips

Hey, there! My name is Brittany. I am a Madison, WI wedding photographer and I'm so glad that you have found this blog!

After years of experience, I have found these tips to be the most beneficial to planning your wedding! I hope to help you in any way, so please, keep reading!

Wedding day tips - Wisconsin Wedding Photographer

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Wedding Planning Tips 

Wedding day tips - Wisconsin Wedding Photographer

Photo by Brittany with Aerial Roots Photography.

Here are the best wedding planning tips that I can give as a Wedding Photographer!

Don't worry, I'm the pro!! If you are looking for checklists and guides to help you plan your wedding, I'm your girl! Planning a wedding is a lot of work. I don't say this to scare you, I say this to validate how you are most likely feeling right now.

You have made the right choice, you are looking to the pros for advice! I have attended many weddings as a vendor and as a guest, and I've learned a few things. I have created this Blog to help explain things in detail, but, I have also created PDF. downloads for your own personal use! These list the basics, help you check things off, and give you ideas to implement at your own wedding. 

Keep reading for helpful tips and tricks for the wedding planning process.

First, wedding planning Checklist!

I don't know about you but I HAVE to have a checklist for everything! I even write things down that I have already completed, just to cross it off and feel accomplished. The checklist that I have created for you is a month by month guide to show you what should be done and when.

Now, not all weddings are going to follow this guide exactly but, it is a nice place to start. There isn't much to be said about this checklist specifically. So, I'll let you get to downloading!

Click below to download your free wedding planning checklist.

Wedding day tips - Wisconsin Wedding Photographer

Photo by Brittany with Aerial Roots Photography.

Second, wedding planning Tips!

The wedding market is heavily saturated! I may be a wedding vendor but I am not afraid to admit it. There are so many influencers and past brides that are giving tips, it's hard to know where to start! That is why I created a list of some tips that I found to be the most helpful on wedding days. These are mostly photography tips, but, hey that what I'm good at! Let's get into it. 

01. Have a detailed itinerary, print copies, and have someone to keep things on track. 
Itineraries are one of the most important things to create before your wedding, you want everything to flow as it should. That means you will need to help the wedding party, guests, and vendors know where they should be and when. There are so many ways to put together an itinerary, the most important things is that it is realistic.

You don't want to create a schedule that is impossible to stick to. I have created a PDF. with a past clients itinerary for you to use as an example to start creating your own! If you are a potential wedding client of mine, or already booked with me, I offer free guidance and assistance with creating an itinerary for your day! I would love to help. 

02. Pick a person to be in charge!
Have someone who is responsible of family photo calling, taking images with your cellphone, holding onto your marriage license, hotel room key/ check-in, and random meals for the wedding party. That list is long, so you may want to pick more than one person.

Having someone or multiple people be in charge of things on your wedding day can allow you to be free to enjoy the day. You've done so much planning up until this point, now its our siblings turn to worry! That leads me into my next tip.

03. Create a must have photo list.
Having a list that contains all of the must have photos is INCREDIBLY beneficial! This saves so much time during your wedding. The best part is that you will be confident that you haven't forgotten any of the images that you wanted. Of course, there are situations where the necessary parties aren't in attendance or they are already heading to the hour derves! 

The list will be mostly for family photos after the ceremony, but if you would like specific poses for your portraits as Husband and Wife, your photographer should gladly take the images. 

04. Have an emergency kit on hand.
Emergencies happen, they can be any shape or form, it's nice to be prepared! Having an array of items to keep you prepared on your wedding day is another great way to prepare. Have items to remove stains, make a quick stitch, 

05. Have a wedding day scent.
Looking for a good way to remember your day forever? Have a wedding day scent! Using a specific scent will create an instant flash back to your wedding day. The key is to have never worn the scent on any day, other than your wedding! I honestly think wearing the scent while planning your wedding is also a good idea, that way you have a pleasant way to remember the stress of planning.

06. Walk slowly!
When you're walking down the isle, you may be nervous. I know I would be, I had a court house wedding for a reason! When all of the nerves come to surface you may want to get to your future partner ASAP.

The advice that I am about to give is going to sound impossible, remember to walk slow and forget about everyone except the person waiting for you at the end of the isle. This is your time to revel in your love and get some cute pics! Walking slow while leaving your ceremony is also a great idea, or at least make sure your photographer is at the end if you want the classic images.
07. Step to the side.
Here is another ceremony tip, its one that is often forgotten by everyone. Remind your officiant to step to the side during the first kiss! This is a HUGE game changer for your first kiss images. Often, the officiant is told and they forget, so make sure you mention this to them before the wedding day. That way they are more likely to remember. 

08. Make it a grand exit.
Having a planned exit can be pretty controversial. Sparkler exits look absolutely amazing but you don't always realize what happens behind the scenes at the wedding. Think about it, most of your guests have been drinking. It's been a long day and people are plain tired! Mixing these situations with fire isn't always going to go as planned. 

I like the idea of using battery operated LED sparklers! They can be a bit expensive so there are many other options that use the same concept; like balloons!

I'm so glad that you stuck around! I'm always looking for ways to help others and improve my own knowledge. If you have any feedback or some other things that you think I should add I would love to hear it! Send an email with the link below!

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